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“Kiko” is a single player interactive narrative game for the PC that follows the story of a High School weeaboo (person blindly enamored with japanese culture through manga and anime) teen who encounters a Kiko “fox spirit” sent by the God Inari to help the protagonist understand the difference between respecting and romanticizing Japanese culture.



How to Play:

Use W A S D keys to move around

Use the mouse to click and look around

Alt + Tab to quit the game 


Lead Game Designers: Paula Masarweh, Chris Moran

Lead Art Director: Paula Masarweh, Chris Moran     

Level Designer:  Paula Masarweh, Chris Moran 

Illustrative Designer: Viridiana Gallardo

Marketing: Viridiana Gallardo

Sound Designer:  Rahmin Tehrani

Install instructions

    • Download Windows or Mac version of Kiko
      • Extract the zip file by right-clicking on the file and clicking "extract here" or something along those lines
        • Open the folder and double click on "Yokai-World.exe" to play the game.  
          • Adjust the settings if needed, then click Play



          Kiko (Windows).zip 392 MB
          Kiko (Mac).app.zip 614 MB

          Development log


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          Lovely spaces and music that you can sink right into! I wished I could have explored for longer. My favorite area was the open land with the purple sky. Very inviting level design, and interesting story concept. 

          Thanks Katie! Appreciate your feedback :) Chris would sure be happy to hear you like his level!

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          LIKE IT

          Thanks so much! 

          This is a very beautiful demo, i loved walking through these locations.

          Thank you so much! Appreciate it :)